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Randy Haveson's Know The Code 0-1-2-3

Finally! A NEW message. A NEW approach.

Founded by Randy Haveson, this web site was designed for today’s university student and administrator, although the concepts explained here can be applied to anyone who chooses to drink. Whether you’re looking for an alcohol speaker for your event, help for yourself or a friend with an alcohol or other drug problem, resources for a paper or project in school, or if you’d like to keep up to date on current research in the field, this web site is for you. Do you need posters for your residence halls or fraternity houses? How about “wake up call” cards for those who need help? You can also get your questions answered in the “Dear Randy” section of the monthly newsletter. And please let us know if there’s anything else we can add or modify to meet your needs.

Alcohol education has been replaying the same theme for the past 20 years…and it’s not working any more. “Just say no” doesn’t work for most college students. It’s time we had a new message, a real message. One that not only makes sense, but works! Finally that message is here. "Party with a Plan" using the "Know the Code 0-1-2-3" guideline gives students who choose to drink the tools they need to use alcohol in a safe and low risk manner.

Now there’s a new program that doesn’t preach to students about what NOT to do, but rather what they CAN do. How to drink and not worry about DUI’s, fights with friends, or dropping grades. How to place a reasonable limit on drinking that draws an accurate line between those who drink and those who get drunk.

“Party with a Plan” alcohol education risk reduction program using the KNOW THE CODE 0-1-2-3® guideline will revolutionize the way college students look at the consumption of alcohol. The creator and presenter of the program is Randy Haveson, who brings to this program over 20 years of experience as a therapist, university health educator, professional speaker, and recovering addict. Randy’s teach, not preach approach to this topic has been widely accepted and appreciated on campuses across North America. Students see his method as non-threatening, sensible, honest, and logical. Even non-drinkers appreciate the message!

Social norming shows us that how you present information is vital to how it gets through to students. By putting the focus on the positive, you get more attention and more acceptance than highlighting the negative. "Party with a Plan" using the "Know the Code 0-1-2-3" guideline does the same thing! It shows students how to make good decisions regarding alcohol and a solid guideline to follow.


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